Introducing Qualtrics iQ?. The predictive intelligence engine for the masses

Meet Qualtrics iQ—a set of advanced intelligent features built directly into the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, iQ finally makes predictive intelligence and statistical analysis accessible for the rest of us.

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Streams of text data

Text iQ?

The most actionable insights are often hidden deep in open text responses. With artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Text iQ analyzes it all so you can see what, in your customers and employees own words, matters most.

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Streams of text data

Driver iQ?

Driver iQ automatically correlates your experience data to prioritize the key drivers of your business and predict the actions that will drive the most business impact. All in an easy to read 2x2 matrix.

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Streams of text data

Stats iQ?

Click. Understand. Predict. Stats iQ enables everyone, from beginners to expert analysts, to uncover meaning in data, identify trends, and produce predictive models without spending days in SPSS or Excel - no training required.

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Streams of text data

Predict iQ?

You need to be one step ahead of your customers. Predict iQ leverages deep learning neural networks to automatically identify at-risk customers and the drivers of that anticipated behavior. The result? You spend less time on analytics and more time influencing customer behavior.

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Streams of text data

Voice iQ?

Uncover insights from live phone conversations, and track trends, topics and sentiment from every call. Voice iQ turns every call into experience data instantly, all without ever having to send a survey.

Qualtrics Text iQ

Qualtrics Text iQ eliminates tedious manual analysis and makes it effortless to uncover insights hidden deep in open text.

  • Eliminate manual coding of open text data and automatically classify the sentiment of any open text
  • Easily discover hidden issues, emerging topics, and unlock the “why” behind your qualitative data
  • Drive action to the front line and monitor issues over time
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Qualtrics Driver iQ

Driver iQ uses advanced statistical analytics to automatically sift and correlate your data. Now you can predict the actions that will drive the most business impact.

  • Prioritize what matters most with real-time correlation and predictive analysis
  • Give different groups and regions filterable views so they can identify the key drivers at their specific points of impact in real time
  • Drive action internally with data visualizations that are easy to digest and share
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Qualtrics Stats iQ

Stats iQ lets you uncover hidden trends and wow your team with predictive models, all without ever leaving the platform.

  • Makes statistical analysis and prediction possible for beginners and delightful for pros
  • Takes the complexities out of regression analysis and automatically chooses the right statistical tests and translates results into plain english
  • Eliminates prep work so you can go right to deep analysis and prediction
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Qualtrics Predict iQ

Predict iQ automates the complex analytics necessary to predict which customers are likely to churn and provides the intelligent alerts that facilitate immediate action.

  • Simplify the analytics process with rapid data upload and testing
  • Immediately identify at-risk customers
  • Automate alerts to incent action across the organization
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Qualtrics Voice iQ

Get breakthrough insights at scale by listening in on every voice call to help improve your contact center experience by bringing together experience data, like client sentiment, with operational data, like average call length.

  • Voice analytics software automatically analyzes conversations into topics and sentiment
  • See every call and track performance over time at an agent, team and company level
  • Identify key trends in all of your voice calls and automatically identify areas for improvement to deliver breakthrough experiences

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